The Weaver

From my bedroom window I watched him weave.

It was late summer when I discovered a spider had claimed the outside of that window for his home.  From the top corner frame above to the flower box below, he had constructed a rather impressive web.  Still, I didn’t like his choice of real estate and intended to undo him. The only hindrance was that I needed a ladder to reach his dwelling and, for some reason, I never gave thought to it while doing yard work until I spotted his web again from my inside view. So the spider remained an outside resident.  As it turned out, I was glad he did; for his presence allowed me to witness a wonder of God’s creation.

One chilly September morning the sun was streaming in the window and he wasn’t tucked up in the crevasse of the frame, but working in full view.  His web was badly in need of repair and if he was to eat, that needed immediate attention.  His motions seemed a bit slow, which I attributed to the cold conditions, and it gave me an opportunity to watch an unfolding marvel.  Only inches away, he weaved with mastery and I was amazed.  His front legs kept him balanced on the few strands of existing web as he secreted a fluid that formed a perfect thread.  Using his back legs, he worked with precision, attaching the sticky substance to the straight lines he had already laid as his foundation. Without the aid of measuring implements, a near-perfect pattern emerged.  I was mesmerized by the instinctive skills he possessed.

But more than that I was in awe of the God behind the ability.

Evolutionists would have us believe that a natural ability existed within every living organism that allowed it to alter itself and adapt to it’s environment, making it better and more efficient. The theory is that this took millions of years as life forms re-ordered themselves to what they are today.  But, having observed the mastery of the arachnid outside my window, that theory seems more than a little questionable.

At what point did the ability to reason kick in?  Certainly there is a difference between instinct and intelligence. So how did they come about and why doesn’t all life possess the same measure?   If we consider just the spider, when did his species decide they needed to redesign their bodies and manufacture a formerly non-existent gland so they could thrive?  How did that “evolving” species determine the exact geometric shape that was best for capturing the size prey needed to survive.  Surely long term trial and error would have eliminated their existence by reason of starvation.  And why did they chose to be earthbound when they could have allowed themselves the freedom of flight that bees have?

All around us creation speaks quietly of a Master Designer.  From the order of the seasons, to the diversity and characteristics of every magnificent life form, we see the hand of God.  And His crowning glory ~ the reflection of His image ~ is mankind.

The Bible says ‘Let every created thing give praise to the Lord, for He issued His command, and they came into being.”  Psalm 148:5  NLT    That is what I saw the morning the spider weaved his masterpiece in front of me.  Though unaware, his very actions were giving praise to the One who created him.  How much greater our ability!

You are God’s masterpiece. You are not some evolving accident.  You were known before you drew your first breath and loved from the moment God called His creation into being. He saw you even then and watches over you even now.   Why?  Because you have been created with purpose; to know God and to make Him known.

Creation thrives when it looks to Jesus, the Creator.  The One who endowed a spider with the ability to weave intricate, sustaining webs created you with far greater talents designed to benefit your life and to bless others. Sometimes we lose sight of that truth.  We get lost in the hustle and bustle and expectations of a noisy world demanding that we adapt to its liking.

If that’s where you are, maybe its time to find a quiet place and be still before your Maker. Come to Him with the chilling affects of your loss, hurt and sin.  Come with the broken strands of your life and ask Him to repair the damage that you cannot.  Just come … and let the love and wonder of Jesus amaze you.



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