The Lullaby of God

Some moments in life are so precious, so connected to our souls that time cannot erase them.  They are both nostalgic and present all in one thought; indelible memories of relationships that take the form of a vow, a birth, a bond, a parting.  Remembering them can fill us with joy or touch us with tears, because they spring from the same deep root ~ that of love.

I was captured by just such a moment while watching a tender exchange between a mother and her young child.  The gentleness sent me back to another time and another place when I cradled my toddler close to my heart and sang quietly to him.  Recalling those times made me realize just how much song had been a part of our lives.  Songs of fun and laughter. Songs of comfort to ease fears.  Songs of rest in sleepless nights.  Songs of love.  Songs of Jesus.

Somewhere in the course of growing up, a mother’s songs are replaced by the voices of others.  Childhood is left behind.  Innocence gives way to independence and mothers the world over hold to the hope that their love songs will resonate in the lives of their children.

Letting go is always bittersweet, but especially for mothers of prodigals.  Your nostalgic moments are private.  You share little and pray much and you question if the ballad of your love was truly heard, much less embraced.  You wonder how the pull of the world was so much more influential than the purpose of your love.

God understands your heart.   As “The Father”, He knows the sorrow of watching His children respond to voices that want to silence His.  He has seen sin in every form it takes on and He has grieved, but never despaired.  He has never wrung his hands anxiously wondering what to do, but purposed to stretch them out between two thieves and make His love known with an offer of forgiveness and life.  And, amazingly, He did this while we were in a sinful state.

Sometimes we need reminders of that.  We need the hope that comes from knowing God loves the prodigals as well as those who weep for them.  That is reason enough to pray on. But there is another that is just as important ~ you need God’s comfort.  You need the gentle exchange of His love for your hurt; His strength for your weariness.   If you doubt that consider the words of Zephaniah 3:17:  “The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you.  He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.” 

I confess that I had never thought of God singing over me.  And in the context of remembering the motive behind the lullabies I sang to my son, I am moved to tears of gratitude that His love is so personal.  It is music to my soul in notes inaudible to the world.  It is the lullaby of God, assuring me He is near, and the refrain reminds His children of His willingness to comfort, His desire to save, and His delight in our relationship.

Are you in need of quieting?  It may not be over a prodigal.  The grief may take the form of fear; of an anxious thought that persists unmercifully.  You may be facing financial burdens, health issues, broken relationships or loneliness.  Whatever causes you a sleepless night is of concern to Our Father and He doesn’t intend for you to bear it alone.

Cry out to Him, and when you do, He will draw you into the strength of His everlasting arms and comfort you with the lullaby of His love.

6 thoughts on “The Lullaby of God

  1. Thank you, Sherry, for this very touching article this morning. It is just what I needed as I have been down n out this winter. Wondering what do I have to look forward to in my life and what am I living for? My mom, dad, aunts and other family members are with God. My sons have a life of their own. Keith lives in Las Vegas and is married to a wonderful woman and they are happy. Ken and his family live in Catawba Island and though it is only 1 1/2 hr. drive it is too far for me to drivr anymore. (I get too tired.)

    I hear from my sons so we keep in touch as well as my granddaughters. In fact, my youngest, Brittany, is coming to visit and go to lunch tomorrow. I am so happy for this!

    I know we all have sadness in our lives. God knows what is going on with us. You have had your share of sadness and it is your faith that has kept you going. I need to concentrate on my faith and know that God is in control.

    Thank you, Sherry, for this wonderful message this morning! Love you, my sweet friend.

    1. Oh my friend, I hear the loneliness in your words. Isolation is hard and the journey of aging amplifies that. But, take heart … you are not alone. God has promised that He will NEVER leave us or forsake us. Because you are a believer, you have the constant companionship of His Holy Spirit and that is as real as the person of Jesus Christ.

      Jesus calls the Holy Spirit the Comforter, because He has been sent to abide in us and sustain us wherever we are in life. Never hesitate to speak with Jesus as freely and openly as you would your dearest friend. Because, in truth, that is Who He is.

      I am praying for you to walk ever closer with Him, to feel His presence and to know the wonderful peace He brings. Much love to you.

  2. Reading this today…just the words I needed to hear. I just had to read through this twice. The second time it resonated even more deeply. Thank you Sherry, for directing me here – and for your insight.

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