Justice for Truth

It has been recited for generations.  Some utter the words from tradition, others from heartfelt commitment:

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

From my earliest school days, I can remember starting the morning with hand over heart facing the flag of our country and sensing deep within that God was central to these words. There was an unexplained comfort in this pledge that exceeded the routine practice. It meant something.

We all want liberty ~ the freedom to pursue life and happiness without government interference and we equally want justice … or do we?  It’s a question worth asking because true justice may not produce the outcome we’re looking for.  If we’re honest, we’d have to admit that our desire for justice translates as getting what we think is right; even if we’re not.

No nation is perfect because mankind is flawed.  But the principles of the Constitution contain the greatest offer of liberty to people who value Truth.  Without Truth there can be no justice.  Our founding fathers knew that, acknowledged reliance on the Sovereign God and called upon Him by Name.   To do anything less diminishes our ability to preserve this great Republic.

Tucked in the 42nd Chapter of Isaiah are these words:

“Behold! My Servant whom I uphold … He will bring forth justice for truth.  He will not fail nor be discouraged, Till He has established justice in the earth; And the coastlands shall wait for His law.” (vs. 1, 3-4)  If our desire is to preserve the strength of America’s founding principles, this Scripture gives us the key.  We must be diligent in upholding “justice for truth”.  Without that commitment, justice will be manipulated in a game that seeks nothing more than pre-assigned outcomes. Surely there are forces that demand “justice for a cause” and disregard truth in their crusade.  But, if Truth is forced to stagger in the street, so will men.

We live in a day when factions openly seek to remove the foundations that have distinguished America and beckoned countless freedom-seekers to uphold liberty.  Yet now, the words “under God” and “indivisible” are being attacked as offensive.  Offensive to whom?

We the people, the citizens of the United States, must decide if our desire is to be one nation where justice is based on unbiased Truth.  It is a responsibility entrusted to us and our resolve will determine not only our times, but will set the course for those who come behind us. The justice of man is prone to satisfying his own desires. The justice of God is to proclaim Truth for therein lies liberty.

Our Constitutional Republic is only sustainable if we have a willingness to embrace Truth – not man’s version, but God’s revelation.  Whether we remain indivisible rests on this foundation.




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